Kendrick Responds To Meek Mill, Meek Mill Responds To Kendrick Responding To Him

09.11.13 4 years ago 55 Comments

On the last episode of All My Rappers, Meek Mill released “Ooh Kill ‘Em,” a regular ol’ track with enough disrespectful lines to be called a Kendrick diss record. On this latest episode, Kendrick performs in New York, sends shots to Meek and the “irrelevant” rapper surprisingly doesn’t take a month to respond. Join us!

The king held court in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Tuesday night and according to concertgoers K-Dot had some words for Meek, who erroneously rapped about Kendrick’s “one year” rap history.

Word got back to the “Levels” rapper and he quickly took to his Twitter to respond.

Meek also tweeted, “I’m the only n*gga coming thru the streets w/ the baddest b*tch in the game on my bike w/ a 100 hittaz & army tanks behind me!” But after probably realizing it was unbecoming of him to talk about his “hittaz” after having just completed etiquette class, the tweet was deleted.

There isn’t any footage of K-Dot responding to Meek but when it does surface, we’ll post it because *shrugs*.

Update: And now, the video footage, courtesy of Scene Media (s/o Info).

Cred: AHH, Onsmash

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