Kendrick Lamar Isn’t Working On His Second Album And That’s Perfectly Fine

03.01.13 5 years ago 41 Comments

During an interview with Miss Info on Hot 97, K-Dot shed light on his recording process and how it relates to a follow-up album.

“I haven’t locked in album mode—I write every day, though. I have ideas all the time, but me going in the studio and locking in, and making the next album—I don’t wanna force things,” he said. “I still want to live in this moment. My biggest mistake today is not living in the moment, and understanding everything that’s going on. Like I told to one of them fans out there, you’re family. I still can’t understand that I’m on this stage right now, so I’m just trying to adapt to it and live in the moment.”

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with that. Despite what this 24/7, media-hungry, Twitter-based music world we live in now suggests, the best thing an artist of Kendrick’s caliber can do (in most cases) is fall back. Go out and live life a little bit, experience different things and let the music produce itself naturally. Too often, artists rush to follow up the success of a mixtape or album and try to cash in with another project and it often bombs.


Because everything sounds forced.

This harks back to what I noted in regards to Drake a few weeks back. Disappear for a little bit, but stay visible to an extent, and watch your fanbase basically stand in line for your product like Prop Joe’s new shipment just arrived off the boat. This isn’t to say Kendrick should mimic Drizzy’s 2012 to the tee. They’re different artists with different fanbases. Whatever the case may be, make people realize what it’s like to not have your talent around.

It’s not like good kid, m.A.A.d. city isn’t still in constant rotation anyway.

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