Kendrick Lamar’s Guess Is As Good As Yours For His Album’s Release Date

06.13.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

kendrick lamar kmel interview

Last we heard, Kendrick deal with nonsense regarding Troy Ave, Lupe and housing choices. This must be our lucky week, because the generally reclusive emcee took time to sit down with San Francisco’s 106 KMEL to talk all matters TDE. And, of course, his new album, which is what fans want to hear anyway.

Brace yourselves, Kendrick stans. While most of what you hear should bring smiles, you can’t always get what you want. In a timely manner, anyways.

On his sophomore album’s release date, which has been rumored to be September:

It’s in the process. We cooking… I couldn’t say. I couldn’t give a false pretense on where I’m at… I can’t even give a date or a time, but it’s going to be an event.

On how TDE opperates as a label:

[We have] real meetings. We sit down. And we been doing this for the past seven, 10 years. Really like grouping up and having meetings of what we gon’ do. You know? And that helps. Communication helps all the way. As far as knowing each individual artist and what they goals are and what they come to do. And that comes with good management.

On how TDE let him take his “best shot” with Good Kidd, m.A.A.d city

Not really pressure. I think it’s like fun if anything because it’s a challenge not only for myself, my fans. And just me creatively. I think it’s more of an anxious type feeling. Cause this word ‘pressure’ was thrown around right before my album. Every interview I was doing. And seriously I didn’t feel it. I was like ‘I’mma go out here and give it my best shot for what I know.’ And I’mma do that the second time around.

Kendrick is worth too much to not have his project heard loud and clear, so don’t expect Top Dawg to ask Twitter for a release date or anything like that. But from a timetable perspective, it seems like he and Kendrick are on different pages entirely, at least as far as public statements go. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Top Dawg’s six album prediction be wrong if it means the best possible final product from Dot.

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