Yes! It’s The Return Of Kenny Powers!

09.05.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

kenny power eastbound  - season 4

Words by Alec Bojalad

There’s only one man great enough to crash his own damn funeral: La Flama Blanca, The Pride of North Carolina, Kenny Motherf*cking Powers. Like Moses carrying the Holy tablets down the mountain, HBO has provided us with our first look at Eastbound and Down Season 4.

Not one to go quietly into the good night, Kenny Powers has returned to achieve the obvious goals: Fame. Money. Respect. Chicken change. Season 3 was originally intended to be Eastbound and Down‘s swan song but creators David Gordon Green, Jody Hill and Danny McBride decided that Kenny Powers needed one last go around. And based off the footage we’ve got so far, they’ve made the right choice. Kenny says he is a phoenix rising up, shimmies around to automatic machine gun fire, plays with donuts and goes to a water park – somehow making every activity seem even more epic than the last.

Even Stevie seems uncharacteristically bold: “If this world doesn’t give us what we deserve, we need to take it,” he tells Kenny. Interestingly, there are no scenes of Kenny actually on a pitcher’s mound, which was kind of the whole concept of the show. McBride and co. clearly realized that Eastbound and Down wasn’t the show about a John Rocker-style washed up MLB pitcher, it’s the show about the baddest dude alive.

In other words: “From this moment on: Kenny Powers only works for Kenny Powers.”

Pregnant women and those with heart conditions: watch with caution. Non-pregnant women: watch the trailer and get pregnant.

Photo: HBO

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