PoV: The Jet & The Coach

03.08.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

One time for Kenny “The Jet” Smith who turns the ripe young age of 48 today. Seen here with the legendary John Wooden, Smith may not have had a Hall Of Fame portfolio on the court, but buddy proved to be a high quality role player (13 points and six assists for his career) and a vital cog on two championship teams. Just ask Hakeem Olajuwon and refer to Game 1 of the ’95 Finals.

And one more time for his role on Inside The NBA because showering that program with enough praise is next to impossible.

And just putting this here because it happened during last night’s broadcast. Fond memories were rekindled as Shaq, Penny and Dennis Scott worked the pre-and-postgame show Thursday. Three things about that. One, they actually appeared to feed off each other well. It seemed natural. Two, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of Penny on NBA TV. And three, I remember when these guys were like Oklahoma City of the present day. I’m getting old.

Below, we find them reunited in a barbershop convo for The Jump.

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