Why Nike Basketball Should Make Kevin Durant The Third MVPuppet

08.16.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

So what that whole Kobe vs. LeBron Finals/”fight for control of the universe” never panned out how the free world expected it to. That doesn’t mean scrap a terrific idea forever, Nike Basketball. The main initiative of the brand’s focus currently happens to be the #SummerIsSerious campaign. Such is to be expected, too, seeing as how the build up has been nearly flawless in how they’ve gone about spreading awareness.

Yet, sometime between now and Christmas, perhaps Nike should consider resurrecting the puppets series. Only this time, as alluded to in the title, with an added twist. Of course, the usual cast of characters return in Kenan Thompson (‘Bron), David Allan Grier (Kobe), Lil’ Dez (who may or may not have grown into what we now see in Blake Griffin’s running mate, “Dr. Drain”) and Dez’s mom, Ms. Lewis.

The new addition is a no brainer. A Kevin Durant puppet must be brought into the mix. During the original advertising reign, Durant was still an on-the-cusp star whose signature shoe line fell far behind the popularity of Kobe Bean and LeBron Raymone’s. Fast forward four years later and Durant is undoubtedly…

A. A top-two player on the planet

B. One of the “big three” shoe salesmen along with James and Bryant

C. A growing celebrity away from the court damn-near five million followers deep on Twitter (compared to 9.4M for Bron and 3.2M for Kobe because, yes, social media presence is a huge factor in marketability nowadays)

D. A nice guy who would have no problem moving in with Puppet Kobe and Puppet Bron because rent has gone up nationwide and having a third person helping split bills only makes sense

And seriously, therein lies the premise laid out in a hand basket. Puppet Durant (a future MVP at some point, right?) comes across on an ad online and takes MVPuppet Kobe and MVPuppet LeBron up on their offer. The rest is history. Given the popularity of all three players, no true shortage of potential angles allows the puppet amigos to get themselves into a wide range of shenanigans. Like, possibly, helping Durant come up with a nickname.

There should be no issue of concern for the team – which could include yours truly as long as Nike and my representation (Gotty) discuss the particulars beforehand – when piecing together a string of commercials to air throughout the season, all star break and playoffs. Nike Basketball’s marketing track record speaks for itself.

Bringing the puppets back for one last ride could be a win-win for every party involved considering all of Puppet Durant’s matchups against his Finals MVP, cotton-stuffed buddies are televised, and vice versa. All three should have Christmas-edition shoes to market (Kobe vs. LeBron happens Christmas Day, too, with Durant on the game immediately before that, for the record) pending the yearly tradition continues to follow suit (Black History Month, playoffs, etc.). The All-Star Game sneaker releases are always a huge deal, too.

Think it over, Nike, and get back to me. My contact info isn’t difficult to find. Help me help you help America.

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