Kevin Durant’s 2007 Workout & Interview With The Portland Trail Blazers

09.10.13 4 years ago 16 Comments


Trailblazers fans, turn away. Turn away now.

Over the weekend, Hooped Up Online dug into the YouTube archives unearthing footage of Kevin Durant before the NBA fame. By doing so, they opened up a wound every resident of Portland is reminded of at least 25-30 times every season. KD briefly works out for the Blazers in said clip and speaks about potentially being the first overall pick. The money quote soon arises when the man who would soon become known as Trey5 reveals his inspirations (Dirk, Garnett, T-Mac, etc.) and future branding as a shoe salesmen.

How the story pans out is as brutal as it is common, so let’s just stop while we’re ahead. Seeing Durant in that t-shirt, however, is the worst case of irony (even with a notable offseason in 2013). Especially with Oden no longer a Blazer anymore either.

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