Kevin Durant’s Leaving Nike? Not So Fast.

08.16.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

Yesterday, Kevin Durant posted the above photo on his IG at a get-together for a friend. Four things of note before leaving the masses to discuss amongst themselves.

1. Plenty has said about why KD should/should not leave Nike for Under Armour. The seemingly-imminent move to UA has also been the leading conspiracy theory as to why KD decided to withdraw from Team USA, which happens to be sponsored by Nike.

2. I see you with the subliminal pledge of allegiance to The Swoosh, KD.

3. Speaking of Team USA, is that Duke’s Quinn Cook? I think that’s Duke’s Quinn Cook. Putting one and one together, Cook’s coach is Mike Krzyzewski. The same Coach K who admitted he was “surprised” by the reigning MVP’s decision. As the 2007 Lil Wayne would say, “That ain’t got sh*t do with nothing, I just thought that I should mention.”

4. Look at those baby shots!

Update: As someone noted on Twitter, KD’s also wearing adidas pants so enter a third party into the arms race! Imagine Nike fanboys if he switched to the Stripes.

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