Kevin Garnett Reportedly $34M Richer

06.30.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Rumors of Kevin Garnett’s demise were, apparently, greatly exaggerated. Following a 2011-2012 season which saw The Big Ticket turn back the clock helping the Celtics get within four minutes of the NBA Finals, K.G. inked a reported three year, $34M contract with Boston. So what exactly does this mean? I’m glad you asked.

1. Per Darren Rovell, the contract now makes him the highest earner in NBA history, surpassing Shaquille O’Neal, with $292M. And if the contract is a guanrateed $34M, this means Kevin will have earned – wait for it – $322,216,634 since entreating the league in 1995 when a young, nine-year-old Tins was dominating association basketball games every Saturday morning. That’s not including playoff money, by the way. Damn near half a billi? For a dude who never took the first inside a college classroom? God bless America.

Bonus: Basically, K.G. signed a contract and said this.

2. Whether Kevin continues the play which bolted Boston through the second half the regular season and through the playoffs is another story for another time. Here’s what’s important. Garnett isn’t going to retire until he is physically unable to run down the court. Bill Simmons tweeted this notion before I had a chance to, but players like he and Kobe will play until God reigns down from the heavens giving them a vision that retirement is the best option. They’ve been playing professionally since they were just old enough to vote and been involved with basketball basically their entire lives. It’s hard to walk away from something when it’s the only love you know. For whatever it’s worth, too, this new deal gives me three more years to convince someone in the league offices that one Celtics game (preferably against the Lakers or Heat) should showcase Kevin mic’d up the entire time. I’d pay $7.99 to see that on pay-per-view off the strength he’d scream curse words which haven’t even been invented yet.

3. As far as sheer intensity and how much love he has for the game, I’m comfortable in saying the only athlete comparable is Ray Lewis. So it’s no surprise both are in my top five of athletes whose Hall Of Fame speeches rank as “must see television.” It stopped being about the money a long, long time ago for K.G. His heart has always been in basketball.

4. With Jared “Big Baby 2.0” and Fab “Bubbs From The Wire” Melo on their way to Beantown, plus the returns of a healthy Avery Bradley and hopefully Jeff Green, Boston’s not giving into the idea their window is closing (much to my displeasure). Add an already vindictive Rajon Rondo who appears to truly hate anyone not wearing Celtic green, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers, and Beantown looks to be in the thick of things next season. Wonderful.

Now with all that said, time for some bias to show. Ray Ray, come down south, bro. I leave you with this. **Tupac voice** “If you come to South Beach, you will see your art brought to a bigger plateau. And you will (not) get paid (as much) one of these days.” **/Tupac voice**

Make the right decision, Ray. You should know what that is.

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