Kevin Gates Caught A Battery Charge For Kicking A Female Fan At A Show

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09.01.15 17 Comments


Kevin Gates’ decision to kick a female fan at a show will now have legal repercussions. Lakeland Police told Billboard the rapper will be charged with simple battery for landing a foot on 18-year-old fan Miranda Dixon, who the report indicates agreed to press charges.

Police indicated that Gates “deliberately kicked” Dixon after she tugged on his pant leg. As a result of the blow, they contend the victim fell back into the crowd and claimed she lost “consciousness for a brief period of time.” I’ve seen the video – much like everyone else – and he did put a shoe to her, but I’m not sure how she managed to lose consciousness. Dixon told ABC-Tampa Bay, “It still hurts so much, that is why I try not to talk too much, or even walk around.”

The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper was in and out of prison stints before his music career took flight, so this is a slap on the wrist for him. The battery charge comes at a time when there’s an online petition to ban Gates from performing in any Florida cities, which may not be a realistic goal to try to achieve. But it’s already cost Gates one fan. Dixon said, “I don’t think anyone should be his fan, I really don’t.”

(Via Billboard, ABC-Tampa Bay)

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