Guilt-Free Listening: Kevin Gates’ ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ Album Stream

07.16.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


Another day, another Kevin Gates drop and we’re all better friends, parents and colleagues because of it.

Available on iTunes as we speak, Gates’ new project Stranger Than Fiction looks to keep up with the momentum he’s established for himself over the past few calendars. Before forking up the dead white men on green pieces of paper, however, Kevin’s providing the always enticing option to “shop before you cop.”

STF clocks in at 18 tracks and sets the tone from the beginning with previously-released, but still harder than Chinese calculus, “4 Legs & A Biscuit.” From there, the man with one of the more unique voices in all of rap carries a good chunk of the project solo dolo with features from Migos, Starlito, Juicy J and more sprouting out on occasion. So plug those earphones in at the desk, stop nodding off and knock out some work before the boss sends an e-mail requesting a meeting in his/her office.

The weekend’s still a few days away, but at least we’ve (hopefully) got the soundtrack for it already picked out.

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