Watch Kevin Hart’s ‘Let Me Explain’ Trailer

03.29.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Some of you aren’t fans of Kevin Hart, and that’s fine. For those who are – like yours truly – July 3 cannot arrive quick enough. That’s when his newest standup theatrical release, Let Me Explain, hits the big screen. Until then, however, allow the film’s official trailer to whet the appetite.

Similar to Laugh At My Pain, the film’s DNA appears to be a 75/25 split between standup and his journey to Madison Square Garden where Explain culminates. Since my best friend Brad went to see Hart in North Carolina last year, he’s been consistent in reminding me what I’ll witness in July is Kevin at his comedic peak; a description that’s hard to fathom off the strength Seriously Funny is still just that.

Nevertheless, I’m excited. I’m amped. And I’m ready to fall out of my seat in laughter. Something impossible to ignore or take away is the nonstop run Hart has been on the last three years. If Explain does anywhere near the numbers Laugh did at the box office – and Real Husbands Of Hollywood continues to be as big of a success in its second season as it was the first – he may not be anywhere close to letting up.

Can’t knock the hustle.

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