Here’s Another Trailer From Kevin Hart’s “Let Me Explain”

06.14.13 4 years ago 7 Comments


July 3 is around the corner and for Kevin Hart fans – like yours truly – this means the arrival of his new stand-up film, Let Me Explain. While most of the country was fixated on Game 4 last night, Hart’s new trailer for the movie made its rounds. From the $500 fines to drop a deuce on the tour bus to calling married friends to hang out, I’m already preparing to leave the movies with a laughter-induced migraine.

Those who were already interested to see the flick will be even more so intrigued; those who weren’t will use it as another avenue to voice their two cents as to why Hart isn’t funny in the first place. All that being said, best believe I’m going to be in somebody’s theater Fourth of July weekend, more than likely under the influence of quite a few drinks. In fact, David D. told yesterday New Orleans has a spot where 32oz Long Islands cost a whopping $5. If that’s not the perfect pre-game move, then please feel free to point me in a better direction. D.C. needs a slice of heaven like that.

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