Key! – ‘When I Tried To Write For Cudi’ EP

08.27.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

key - When I Tried To Write For Cudi

At one point in time, Key! says he was approached with a seemingly genuine offer to craft some hits for Kid Cudi. Though it didn’t pan out because the offer was about as real as Kat Stacks’ new ass, the music that he created with EDM-hop duo darlings FKi is nonetheless fire.

What’s especially trippy is that Key! really, really sounds like the Cudi that the world first fell in love with. Rather than let his three songs waste away in the vault, we have the three-song EP When I Tried To Write For Cudi, which sums up his experience succinctly.

If Key! is the second coming of vintage Cudi, or wants to pretend that he’s writing some more music for Cudi, that’s fine by me. Meanwhile, his album Fathers Are The Curse should be here “soon.”

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