Prepare Your Tummy To Welcome Back KFC’s Double Down Sandwich

It appears that we’re in the midst of two “golden ages” of things, both of them completely unrelated but so gosh dang American: TV and fast food. These epochs are great because not only can Americans get superb dramas and comedies, like, whenever, but they can also order horribly rendered Tex-Mex and pizza at the same damn time or quasi-delicious breakfast at that same Tex-Mex/pizza joint.

But one of the era’s crowning achievements was KFC’s 2010 “Double Down,” which the chain will re-introduce to its menu for a limited time on April 21. The “sandwich”–loosest possible term here–featured two breaded chicken breasts with Monterey Jack and pepper-jack cheese, bacon and a special sauce wedged between them. In hindsight, it definitely wasn’t as brazen as the chain’s recent corsages, but just as game-changing nonetheless.

The source that broke the news, USA TODAY, also mentions that the company will have a social media campaign to accompany it called the “Double Down Dare.” Take that however you want. It’ll probably make a great hashtag. First We Feast also linked to the New York Times‘ Sam Sifton’s original review of the item, which calls it “a disgusting meal, a must-to-avoid.”

Needless to say, Sifton’s an idiot because this revolutionary item deserves one more proper go-round in our stomachs and toilets before disappearing again.

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