Today’s Headline: “Well I Know Lamar Odom, He’s Not A Dumb Guy”

09.23.09 8 years ago 24 Comments

All I can say is that this is where the Lakers miss an outspoken locker room leader like Shaq.

If he were there or this were The Game, it wouldn’t be happening. One of the older athletes would pull dumb-ass Derwin (in this case, Odom) to the side, show him the error of his ways & reiterate the rules (“don’t ever call her ‘your girl.’ Refer to her as a nickname.”). But alas this isn’t a meagerly funny sitcom; it’s reality. The reality is that the Beefy-Odom nuptials look as if they’re really going to take place, as the-future-Ms. Odom confirmed it on her blog.

Therefore, this headline by Brooks is the top of today’s toppers. The article speaks on how sports writers, who today generally cover all angles of sports, have been reluctant to touch the story. The obvious: they’re in disbelief like the rest of us.

As a team play-by-play announcer for 10 years, I traveled with high-profile athletes every day, and I never, ever claimed to really know them. All you have to do is look at someone like former MLB player Al Martin to understand what I’m talking about.

The Pittsburgh and San Diego media covered him every day, eight months out of the year for over a decade, yet when the news broke that Martin had multiple wives and led a crazy, deviant lifestyle, none of the Pirates and Padres beat writers had any clue. In fact, they’ll tell you to this day that Martin was a good guy. And in the clubhouse, in the hotel and on the team plane, I’m sure that’s an accurate assessment.

The same principle is at work with Odom. I’ve interviewed him on more than one occasion, and he’s a wonderful guy to interact with in the locker room. The media love him, so you get the kind of coverage we’re getting with the Khloe Odom thing – that is, no coverage. Complete pass, though we all know what a horrific decision he is making.

Remember when Lamar’s biggest problem was passing piss tests? Imagine how hard it’s going to be to focus with the clusterfuck that is the Kardashian family is roaming the sidelines @ games.

Now, if this were Ron-Ron, there wouldn’t be a soul questioning how obviously ignorant this is.

“Well I Know Lamar Odom, He’s Not a Dumb Guy” [SbS]

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