Kia’s The Black Sheep

06.01.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

If there were any inquiries on how Black Sheep (Dres) were funding their studio time to record their comeback album, Kia Motors steps from out of the shadows to deliver an “a-ha!” moment with a campaign that reads tribute rolled up in fat royalty checks.

It’s the Kia Soul, a new way to roll. You may have seen these furry critters bouncing around to techno in previous ads, but since the company needed to upgrade their cool, they’re featured sporting Timbs, hoodies and riding to the sounds of Black Sheep’s classic “The Choice Is Yours.”

Not a bad look for all parties involved. Starting at just $13,300, the Soul has an engine-engine 5-speed manual transmission and you can add your own features to your liking. Like they say, you can get with this…or you can get with that.

And is it odd that the hamsters remind me of 3rd Bass?


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