KiD CuDi: 2009 MVP?

01.05.10 8 years ago 53 Comments

I would like to nominate KiD CuDi for artist of the year.

If it weren’t for nostalgic, nunchuk-wielding Wu-Tang fans and both DJ Hero spokesman, Cleveland’s rap slacker probably would’ve had the album of the year in his highly-debated and critically-acclaimed Man On The Moon: The End Of Day. Aside from featuring just as many Top 10 Billboard singles as any highly-touted release from those aforementioned and already accomplished artists, MOTM produced three videos (“Pursuit Of Happiness,”Make Her Say,” “Day N Nite“) that respectively stood-out from just about every other low-budget, blue-screened blunder that made the rounds on MTV Jams over the past 12 months.

Throw in 1…2…3 Grammy nods and a few prime spots alongside Jay-Z/Kanye/Shakira/Robin Thicke & Mike Posner, and CuDi’s left looking like a Heisman hopeful. Leave the ROY and scoring title to Drake, Cudder’s gunning for the MVP, because truthfully – in 2009 – he was G.O.O.D. Music’s most valuable player.


And that’s the key point. ThE KiD dropped ONE official mixtape before MOTM and he’s already an upper-echelon artist, or at least perusing with them. Most will say Drake took it a step further, attaining greater success more quickly, but even CuDi’s fellow party-host had been rapping since 2005 and dropped seven mixtapes since. When Jimmy Brooks was cruising in his wheelchair, crafting raps and collecting Disney loot, CuDi was living on a friends’ couch. When it comes to the the music, notoriety isn’t necessarily derived from bank statements, but it sure helps jump-start a career, if you know what I’m sizzlin’.

Without a doubt, some will disagree with this endorsement for Scotty as artist of the year – citing anything from lyrical content to clothing as their reasoning – which is fine. Everyone has a voice. But, to those people I ask this; within recent memory, who else has been this unique and consistent at such an early stage in their career? He’s already proven to have the passing grade.

Careful, you may end up making some bold comparisons.

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