#DunkCam: While Rapping “Versace,” This Young Kid Got Brandon Knight’ed

01.02.14 4 years ago 21 Comments


Before getting started, please accept this late pass. Uploaded a whooping eight days ago means this Vine is already archaic in Internet standards. But it’s just too damn funny not to highlight.

Aside from Terio, “dunk cam” clips are the greatest thing to ever happen to Vine. The phenomenon isn’t new – we used to do this all the time back in high school – but funny nonetheless. Bryce and Shawn’s clip never fails to have me in tears and I’ve seen it I know at least a good 100 times. Let’s count down the various factors why.

1. Why Bryce is recording himself dancing and rapping “Versace” is beyond me.

2. Obviously, no one told Bryce an unwritten rule in the Internet community: You stand under a basket…you will get dunked on.

3. The look of sheer terror on his face when he realizes what’s about to happen.


5. That’s a spectacular room hoop. The best I had coming up was the one that hooked on the top of the door with the little nerf ball.

6. Bryce’s cousin (brother, not sure, but whatever the case they’re bonded in some form) coming out of nowhere with nothing but the evilest of intentions. The stare down afterwards was just cold blooded.

7. The classic “What’s wrong with you?” question we all asked after getting blindsided by an older sibling or cousin.

To Young Bryce, fret not, lil’ homie. It happens to everyone, including the best basketball players in the world. Find peace with yourself knowing you’ve now got something in common with Brandon Knight and Jason Terry.

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