Kid President Kisses Beyonce On Cheek, Becomes Most Envied Non-Jay Z Person In America

08.19.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


“I hate you, Jody/Kid President!” – “Yvette” (Taraji P. Henson)/J. Tinsley, Baby Boy (2001)/Real-life (2013)

No, but seriously, the kid’s way too adorable (no Sandusky) to actually direct any true hate towards, but just know I’m as jealous as Tiki Barber looking at Google images of Eli Manning right now. While we saw Terio appears to be nearly done with his time in the spotlight, another child prodigy, Kid President, has this fame thing down to a science.

In what was billed as his biggest interview ever, the young’n handled himself about as well as any non-famous, non-Jay Z, red-blooded American male could around Beyonce. His chat went so flawlessly, in fact, Blue Ivy’s mama wouldn’t let him leave without a smooch on the cheek. Go figure.

Don’t ever grow up, Kid President. You lucky son of a gun. I’d sit in gridlocked D.C. traffic for four hours just to kiss Beyonce on the cheek.

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