Kid The Traveler – “Mannequins” Video

04.02.13 4 years ago

Not all one night stands have to be a notch on the belt. Occasionally, certain romps do start with reflective content and actually mean more than you let on. These blink of an eye loves are the theme of Kid The Traveler’s “Mannequins,” which is just unique enough to appease most with an open mind.

From the outset, cutesy synth pop seems on the horizon. But, by around the song’s minute mark, a booming beat drops and builds up this tangled dedication to unforgotten flings to the point where you think this Orlando native might just flip the concept on it’s head with aggression. Yet, by the time you realize his withered vocals are only getting worked up from the story he’s telling, the entrancing back-beat drops out and returns listeners to the simplistic roots it grew from – this time making complete sense.

Essentially, The Traveler meets the girls at the beginning of his half-sung sixteens and becomes infatuated with them by end of verse, only to have them disappear as quickly as they came. The concept is unique and the execution is ever better. So, if you’ve been hanging onto something similar deep down or simply dig innovative jams, do yourself a favor and check out this Kid’s single and Robert Redford-approved visual below.

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