Kidd Kidd Brings The Urgency In His “Die For” Video

06.15.14 3 years ago

Kidd Kidd placed a target on his back the minute he put pen to paper and signed with G-Unit. Tough break; the vast, sweeping majority of his exposure amongst the rap peanut gallery has been riding shotgun on any number of 50 Cent tracks. And, since Fif is kinda, sorta a punchline, the New Orleans rapper ends up a lackey for somebody that you don’t really want to be a lackey to.

Mental exercise time! Listen to some Kidd tracks sans Fifty and see what the kid (hehe) is talking about. Then judge him. I’ll admit to suffering that same anti-Kidd Kidd bias that the majority of us, for the reasons listed above, are feeling. Or I was, until Gotty pointed out that, under the right circumstances, the southerner shines.

And make no mistake: the video for “Die For” represent the right set of circumstances. A gritty beat provides the perfect catalyst for the rapper’s urgent, nasal-y (in a good way!) lyrics. Hit play and hear for yourself.

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