Killa Kyleon Feat. Yung Chill – “Get Rich Or Die Trying” Video

03.03.11 7 years ago

Someone told me awhile ago Killa Kyelon was the hardest working rapper in Texas at the moment. That assessment may not be too far off. When 2011 was in its early hours, Killa and Yung Chill dropped off “Get Rich Or Die Trying” and it eventually became a track revisited often since then. Specifically one night a few weeks ago when I was driving home at three in morning. Maybe the beat got me, or maybe it was the overall narcotizing feel of the instrumental and lyrics, but when I finally snapped out of my temporary hypnosis my car was parked. Let’s just all be thankful we’re reading this right now.

The same way Curtis executed in 2003, the Texas Longhorn properly paid respect to hustle and the now classic phrase over this flute dominant number. And kudos to buddy for going out and shooting a video the track. It may not go down in the year’s defining visuals, but anytime you can jog people’s memory to a dope song, it has to be considered a win-win.

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