In Wake Of Michael Brown Shooting, Killer Mike Calls For End To ‘Government Sanctioned Murder’

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08.13.14 18 Comments

Killer Mike 4 (2)

Has anyone ever known Killer Mike to bite his tongue? I’ve known the man for roughly seven years and he’s never shied away saying what was on his mind, whether others found it agreeable or not. In fact, he’s probably the top – and maybe only – rapper I like to talk to about non-rap stuff because he has an informed opinion on a wide array of topics affecting our worldview.

So, it comes as no surprise that the man who penned “Burn” and “Reagan” would step forward for Hip-Hop and speak regarding the murder of Michael Brown, his parents’ grief and what we as a community want to hear someone in the limelight say via an Instagram post. Read his full caption below:

“We are human beings. We deserve to be buried by out children not the other way around. No matter how u felt about black people look at this Mother and look at this father and tell me as a human being how u cannot feel empathy for them. How can u not feel sympathy for their pain and loos. These are not “THOTS, niggas/niggers, hoes, Ballers, Divas. These two people are parents. They are humans that produced a child and loved that child and that child was slaughtered like Game and left face down as public spectacle while his blood drained down the street.

“Look at the pain of this mother, look into her eyes. Look at the Man behind her. Look at that father made helpless and hurt that he cud not defend his seed. Don’t debate. Don’t insert your agenda. Save me the bullshit Black On Black Crime speech and look at these to Noble creatures called humans and look at what govt sanctioned murder has done. It has robbed them of their humanity and replaced it with pain and shame, suffering and hurt.

“I don’t care if others rioted or why. I don’t care that ball players and Rappers are what they shud be. I care that we as humans care as much about one another more. I care we see past Class, race and culture and honor the humanity that unites our species. Stop talking and LOOK at these PEOPLE. LOOK at these HUMANS and stand with them against a system allows a Human PIG to slaughter their child. Forgive any typos love and respect u all.”

In the absence of voices that could possibly articulate what so many feel, Mike’s still our modern-day H. Rap Brown in a hundred different ways. And, it’s short essays like these that make the count one-hundred-and-one.

As well, times like these make songs like “Burn” that much more relevant.

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