“The Soundtrack To Your Success”

02.07.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

In alignment with Gotty™’s Unofficial Grind Time Official week, here is a track I feel should not be left out.

Normally, I prefer the more brash, revolutionary Killer tracks.

Nothing makes me happier than pulling up to the office next to my coworkers, blasting “Pressure” or “That’s Life” on full blast. The general discomfort as they try to walk away slow enough to listen to what Mike says next, but quick enough to act like they want no parts in it, generally make for a good start to any day.

But this track here is what I bump in my earphones as I sit at my desk, seeking inspiration and trying to find that extra iota of energy to persevere when the clock reads 2pm and I still haven’t had lunch. Knowing that I still have a few hours to go, and some ungrateful dickhead is steady trying to touch on my last nerve, hoping that I slip up, lose my cool, realign his jaw and have him gargling fragmented.

This keeps me focused, helps me regain my composure; a reflective melodic reminder that success is ultimately the best revenge, for those that wish you failure.


Killer Mike – Can You Hear Me

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