Killer Mike – “Untitled” Video

08.23.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

When it’s time for our Finale entry at the end of ’12, Killer Mike and his R.A.P Music LP will be all over it. Its message was executed to perfection, down to the most minute details and the end result was simply phenomenal. Look no further than Mike’s visuals for “Untitled,” where he takes the word ‘artist’ literally and creates several segmented moving paintings to beef up his already powerful words even more. It’s entertaining, but not distracting. It keeps you intensely engaged throughout, soaking in each word of Killer Mike’s gospel, just the way a video for this kind of a record should be.

When he dropped his clip for “Big Beast,” people were quick to call it the best one of the year (I even heard some folks christening it as the best ever), but “Untitled” is easily giving that one a run for its money. Best of all, not only are the two songs from the same artist, but they’re sequential on the same damn album. There isn’t a stronger testament to how great R.A.P. Music is.

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