Killer Mike’s Sunday Morning Massacre – Killer Comments (Part 2)

09.29.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

LMAO @ “I sucked Dre’s dick?” & “I don’t know if my momma sold yo momma some dope.”

Killer Mike continues to visit a few sites & responds to comments posted regarding his Sunday Morning Massacre series. We posted Part 1 earlier yesterday so go back for the refresher. You can get the audios for all six weeks over there as well.

Props right back to Mike for keeping the music & level of interaction alive. Watching artists check sites & boards is a new level of the game that provides them instant feedback. But even more I think this serves as a reminder for those dropping the comments. Based on Mike & the previous noted response from Crooked, be aware that when you make the broad, sweeping (ignorant) statements that these are men before entertainers. Men with families & children. And men who will probably whoop yo ass @ a show date lol. And if you say something too slick about me, I will IP trace that ass & cop a plane ticket.

Nah seriously, I try to hold myself to the standard that online – via here, email whatever – I won’t say anything that I wouldn’t speak mano y mano with anyone. Hurling libels & poppin shit from behind the keyboard = weak sauce.

Props to UNN for the continuing footage as well. Mike & Grimm have become an intergral part to the Sunday functions around this joint.

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