Lil Kim Gets The Cover Of Time Magazine…Kind Of

02.17.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

lil kim

Barack Obama. Adolf Hitler. Mark Zuckerberg. Lil Kim. One of these doesn’t fit.

There’s some unpaid intern at Time magazine right now in disbelief that his gag idea he made in passing to the editor he was grabbing coffee for someone made it on the cover. That person on the cover is none other but Kim Jong Un, the new leader/emperor/duku or whatever of North Korea.

But this isn’t about him.

This cover is just another example that Hip-Hop – as an anti-establishment – is dead. We’re so indoctrinated in the mainstream that a once-envelope-pushing Kim who took X-rated lyrics to unforeseen heights is now a tagline on Time Magazine. There was a time when just mentioning Kim would have moms clutching their coin purses. There’s probably a review for an Ice Cube family movie about fire safety in the back of this issue, too, to drive home the point.

I just hope that Kim isn’t looking at this cover and getting gassed like she’s somehow relevant again. A rap battle with the most famous special needs MC in the game didn’t make you hot, Kimmy. This won’t either. Just frame the cover in apartment and keep it moving.

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