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jenny chu

Jenny Chu

Kim Kardashian Explains That Sexy Instagram Selfie [GOT]

The Never-Ending Quest To Find Closure In Sean Taylor’s Death [TSFJ]

Katy Perry Beats Out Justin Bieber As Most Popular Person on Twitter [Giant]

When Eminem Mattered: The Importance of the First Marshall Mathers LP [Playboy SFW]

11 Basketball Shoes to Watch For This Season [FNL]

Who Are The Delfonics? [The Urban Daily]

Sadistic Cops Forced Man to Rap for His Freedom [Gawker]

How To Launder Billions And Billions Of Digital Dollars [The Atlantic]

Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Halloween Prank Left Children Crying, Cursing [Uproxx]

The Future Of Bomb Sniffing Is In Sh*t [Motherboard]

Multiracial America Makes Census Boxes Obsolete [The Root]

Meet The Real Life Tony Stark Who Helped Shaped 20th Century America [Gizmodo]

Here’s A Pimped Out Morgan Freeman In A 1971 Cigerette Commercial [Barstool Sports]

JJ Abrams Sounds Like He’s Been Listening To Fanboys About ‘Star Wars VII’ [Film Drunk]

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