Happy Belated Birthday: Kind Of Blue Turns 50

08.19.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

Monday marked the release of one of the greatest (yes superlative) albums of all-time. Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue turned 50. I was looking back for old posts & I realized that my love for Miles & this album go way back, as far as TSS goes. While you may think that Hip-Hop paved the way, the fact is that TSS & its name were actually influenced by jazz & the whole aesthetic of the music. Even though KOB isn’t his most cutting edge album, I always like to say it’s the one that even non-jazz lovers can learn to love.

But for further insight on the album, watch the clip above or read Fred Kaplan’s piece on “Why The Best-Selling Jazz Album Of All Time Is So Great.”

Video swiped from [The Awl]

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