King avriel Bares It All In “caricatures” Video

06.19.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

king avriel caricatures video lead

There are only a number of ways to say how dope and engaging King avriel’s work has been leading up to the release of Thesis (see: “Judgment Day // Valley Idols” and “Freedom”). Her uncanny abilities for songwriting and creating these bold, detailed, thought-provoking pictures leaving her so far ahead of others that it’s almost unfair.

And, she’s making all of the right moves to bring attention to her music, even if it means appearing nude in a D’Angelo “Untitled”-type way to drive home the thoughts behind her song “caricatures.” The video’s slightly NSFW but not in a distasteful way. As she explains it in her own words:

“We choose what we want to see. With this, you have three choices: to see me as a body, to see me as a mind, or to see me as a complex amalgamation of both. Whether I am fully a human or simply a caricature depends entirely on your vantage point.”

I saw the glimpses of nudity. But what spoke louder were the song’s words and the message we’re left with. It’s only avriel speaking on how fantasy and lies – ones told by others and ones we tell ourselves – can leave anyone feeling torn down and alone. The sentiment is very honest and easy to relate to since we’ve all been in the position of the person being played at least once in our lives.

Like I said, she’s got a mean way with words.

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