The iPod Shuffle: King Geedorah’s “Next Levels”

06.26.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

“Yo, it’s King Ghidra, combined with the forces of nine ether
Blowing woofers and tweeters, shaking syllable meanings
Disaster’s cataclysmic, mystic natural, it’s about time
We hit you with some substance that’s actual
I got a gift call, hip-hop prophecy, says 2003
Ends the reign of the jiggy MC”

At rap’s buffet of offerings, DOOM’s never been my first choice, opting instead to dine elsewhere but not dismissing him or disturbing others who happen to enjoy his work. It’s just that sometimes his many moves were too much to keep track of in world already filled with enough characters.

But, every time I stumbled across a song or project of his that caught my ear, I’d always quietly tuck it away, pulling it out every couple of months for easy listening. I had to Google to remember the names of the MCs – ID 4 Winds, Lil’Sci and Stahhr – featured on “Next Levels,” but nothing’s ever stopped me from enjoying the rhymes each MC kicked although Lil’Sci opening and Stahhr’s closer (“Straight open in the caption, here comes the Hicks Braxtons, Lyrical contraction, delivery reaction, it started with a passion” is top 20 one of the smartest lines ever recited in rap) burned themselves into my brain forever. And one thing about DOOM/King Geedorah’s production for “Next Levels” is that age has only made it better, even more smooth in the 11 years since Take Me To Your Leader’s release.

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