King L – “#PiDD” Video

06.15.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Fan or not, this “New Chicago” wave in Hip-Hop is making considerable noise. Chief Keef commands a strong majority of the front page headlines, yet another name from The Windy City garnering his fair share of conversation is King L also known as King Louie*. Saying I’m not exactly sold on either Keef or L, it must be noted that it’s not saying I “hate” their output or I’m wishing any sort of ill will either. I just haven’t been totally drawn into their music yet.

That being said, Louie created a name for himself in some ways the same manner his fellow Chi-Town brethren has. A strong online presence with what I assume is a strong backing from the city with the greatest mild sauce ever (seriously, go to Harold’s). The problem I have with his “#PiDD” video is the fact it appears to be too much going on. The transitions and kaleidoscope effort almost takes away from the actual rapping. For lack of a better phrase, there’s entirely too much going on. All that said, don’t be surprised if you’re hearing more from buddy over the summer and there after. He may spawn into something worth noting. Then again, he may not. Just don’t say we didn’t do our part to give you the heads up.

* – King Louie just so happens to be one of the memorable characters from The Jungle Book. That brother had some serious soul in his bones; he was like the Disney version of Smokey Robinson. If you’ve never played outside until the street lights come on, I wouldn’t expect you to remember this. Oh, and if you were paying attention, Kim K’s main squeeze shouted him out on the “I Don’t Like (Remix),” too.

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