King Mez “Can’t Let Go” Of Home In Latest Video

05.27.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

king mez can't let go video

Anybody who’s ever left home knows how hard it can be to go back there. Once you grow and experience the world, going back to the place that raised you can be challenging at the least. Old friends still on the same old blocks doing the same old things. Kids you once knew as babies now fresh off the porch and willingly falling into the same footsteps of the generations prior.

Nobody ever wants to turn their back on home. You can’t because it’s the place that makes up so much of who you are. Still, the relationship to home is just that – a relationship – and all relationships tend to come to an end once they’re no longer mutually beneficial. When home’s negative energy starts to weigh you down, you have to break the restraints and go free.

All of the above is the sense that King Mez provides with the song “Can’t Go Home” – taken from Long Live The King, which can be downloaded here – and the accompanying video directed by Kent Willard and Scott Gaston. Since his first project released in 2012, Mez has made moves that require him to step outside the borders of North Carolina in order to expand. In the clip, he returns home finding both comfort and displeasure in the fact that things haven’t changed one bit. The same old people are still rolling up blunts, drinkin’ liquor and leading a life of escapism while younger ones wait for their turn to fulfill the roles.

Love home, but realize it’s sometimes better to love it from a distance.

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