Want To Know More About The King Of Diamonds Strip Club? Watch This

10.11.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

While my DVR waits patiently to record the first episode of the supposed forthcoming reality show centering around America’s most popular strip club, AllHipHop.com keeps us in the loop in regards to what’s shaking – literally and figuratively – with King Of Diamonds in this new interview with the man known as “Mr. K.O.D.” aka Disco Rick. The day-to-day workings of the South Florida conglomerate as well as what to expect as 2012 draws to a close highlight the topics addressed in what truly is a one-of-kind establishment in a one-of-a-kind industry.

At one point, Rick refers to K.O.D. as something “like a prison, and we’re (he, Terry Elliot and Liz) the wardens and the girls our are prisoners.” You know, only if prisoners had more curves than a classroom full of bad test scores, became semi-celebrities in their own right and could easily walk away with a couple of stacks on a good night.

For those at home wondering, no, I have yet to take my talents to K.O.D. and report back with a first-hand synopsis. Although, keep your fingers crossed, this could be changing in the coming months. To mi amigo, Disco Rick, look out for the kid. Seriously, I like strip clubs. You run a strip club. You like good publicity. Show me a good time at your venue and I can help with that. Help me help you.

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