Strip Club Television: Miami’s King Of Diamonds Gets A Reality Show

06.24.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

Credit it to Hip-Hop. Credit it to Miami being one of the horniest cities in the country. Credit to their own hustle. Whatever the case may be, “King Of Diamonds” is to strip clubs what Madison Square Garden is to basketball arenas. And soon enough, the wheelings and dealings of the club will be presented in its very own reality show aptly titled, Make It Rain.

Beyond obvious reasons, and pending the show can secure placement on the proper network (looking at you HBO!), the show could be a success. The initial enticement of naked women will be enough to draw any red-blooded American male in. Then there’s the drama aspect which people seem to get their rocks off to. Keep in mind, these aren’t the normal local club strippers you probably went to high school with. These are the ones who make five grand a night while possibly having several members of the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins and a who’s-who of entertainers in their iPhones. Yet, once the actual business spectrum is presented, an entirely new appreciation (or disdain if you’re still appalled) for one of the country’s biggest cash cows could blossom. Or not.

To answer your question though, yes, I will be a faithful viewer of MIR and I hate reality shows. Why wouldn’t I want to learn more about the place that’s #12 on my bucket list of places to visit? I think everyone knows my appreciation for these establishments.


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