Raekwon’s Protege Airs Out The Chef In King Of The Dot’s Toronto Cypher

01.12.16 2 years ago

While you were sleeping, some of Toronto’s hottest artists holed up with King of the Dot in the Exclucity sneaker shop with the doors barred and burned that bitch to the ground. The legendary battle league gave JD Era, Sese, Raz Fresco, Roshin and Young Stitch the platform to show and prove but between a few subliminals, the truth became very explicit.

After a brief Bishop Brigante intro, Raekwon’s first artists up from Ice H2O took to the mic and JD Era did not disappoint. If you’ve followed TSS for a minute, you already know Era is a “Monster” and it “Ain’t On Nutting” for him to get personal in his bars. Rehashing how Rae threw him under the bus and left him out to dry on The Breakfast Club last year, the Toronto-native comes for the Chef’s throat without skipping a beat.

“Don’t ask about no Raekwon homey, the past is the past
Went from legendary to just money hungry for cash
I hope Donald Trump wins and he deports that ass
And between me and you that last album was trash”

While the other artists deliver more than stellar performances, including Raz Fresco sending a huge sack of green flying at the camera, the lead-off hitter did the most damage. Only time will tell if Rae decides to respond to his protege or chooses the Jeezy route after Gibbs roasted him.

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