Test Your Speakers With Kingpen Slim’s Bass-Heavy Track ‘Get U Some’

05.22.15 3 years ago

Kingpen Slim Get U Some

Historically, great hip-hop artists have been able to develop strong chemistry with one or two producers that resulted in their best work. Ice Cube and The Bomb Squad. Nas and Primo. Jay-Z and Timbaland. Over the years, Kingpen Slim and Mark Henry, who has also done some great work with Fabolous, have done some of their best work together. Slim’s latest single “Get U Some” is further evidence of that.

Highlighting the versatility of both artist and producer, “Get U Some” finds the pair in an entirely different space from previous collaborations like Slim’s scorching 2013 single “Dead.” Heavy bass, a smidge of autotune, and an energetic delivery are the engine that drives this song. The duo are aiming for your speakers and not your headphones here.


As a bonus, check out Slim’s interview with Clout below. He share’s more details about the creation of the album, and previews new music. Life Afer Doubt is on the way.

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