Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury Supplied Players With Cute Bottle Service Girls At Practice

05.29.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

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Let’s, between writer and reader, man-crush on Texas Tech head football coach Kliff Kingsbury for a second.

Ryan Gosling’s Lubbock lookalike enjoyed a very respectable 8-5 debut season with his alma mater. Kliff also coached Johnny Manziel (as Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator) during Manziel’s Heisman-winning 2012 season. Plus he openly admitted to flirting with recruits’ moms because he’s Kingsbury and why the f*ck wouldn’t you with that mug?

Anyways, before we get too ahead of ourselves, prepare yourself to dap the dude up for the following, grade-A coaching move. Appearing on the Dan Le Batard Show yesterday, Kingsbury admitted that doing “The Stanky Leg” in front of players wasn’t his only motivational tactic. Per Sporting News:

[Other show host]: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in an effort to have a good practice?

“When we were at the University of Houston (as an assistant under Kevin Sumlin), we brought an ice cream truck, but we filled it with some girls from one of the clubs, the bottle girls. That was impressive. That was a good practice.”

[Le Batard]: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What did you do? You filled an ice cream truck?

“The bottle service. The cute bottle service girls. In Houston, you can do that. You can’t do that in Lubbock. There is no bottle service in Lubbock.”

That’s phenomenal; although, he didn’t elaborate further. Granted, Kingsbury, who was with the Cougars from 2008-2011, was serving under the only other coach in NCAA FBS football who probably would allow such a thing in Sumlin–the same dude who currently recruits players from a “swagcopter.” So perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised.

But in light of this information, we’ll let Kingsbury motivate us any day. Or we’ll be equally creppy and steal his pictures to pick up women on Tinder. That apparently works really well.

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