The More You Know: Expert Says Sticking Weed Up Your Butt Won’t Get You High

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06.26.14 6 Comments

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Recently The Seattle Times ran a story on the government’s personal stash of marijuana and how it’s used for research. It paints a picture of the government’s general disapproval of legalized blazing while acknowledging potential medical usage.  Lead scientist Mahmoud ElSohly shared one method of avoiding the high:

For years, [ElSohly] has been trying to get approval to market a suppository. THC, the component of pot that makes people high, is “not absorbed through the rectum,” he says.

On the one hand, there are people who would prefer the medical benefits of marijuana without the high. Still, I have so many questions about this study. Like do they tell you right on the voluntary lab test flyer that you’ll need to make use of your caboose or is it not brought up until the last minute? That’s without even getting into the whole “LOL weed up the butt” aspect.

In any case, this will probably ruin any chance to laugh at any future bong related stories of butt chugging, and that’s a disappointment for all of us.

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