Kobe Bryant Talks Retirement, The Rape Case, Shaq & Phil Jackson

07.17.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

The warm summer sun and Olympic scrimmages must do wonders for the always tense beast that is Kobe Bryant. The normally reserved and coy Mamba flipped the script in his sit down with Graham Bensinger and gave one of the most insightful interviews in his recent history. The subjects of particular interest to most are all approached and discussed casually by Bryant. He surprisingly had a nonchalant demeanor despite giving very direct, sugar-free answers. The following series definitely proved In Depth With Graham Bensinger lived up to it’s name this time around.

For starters, Kobe dived into his relationship with Shaq: a profound mystery to a younger, far more naive Raj. I couldn’t understand why those two refused to get along despite their unparalleled on-court success. Then I remember the word ‘ego’ didn’t exist in my vocabulary at the time. In the second clip, he talked about Phil Jackson and their prior differences* as well as gave his former coach due credit for expanding his basketball IQ. In the third video, Bryant explained his maturation during his 2003 sexual assault case and how he bonded with Ray Lewis over their common legal problems.

All in all, the entire interview is a collection of candid clips from an otherwise extremely protective person. Kobe doesn’t do these kinds of segments very often and it’s enjoyable to see him calm with his guard down. Enjoy it while you can folks, even his retirement press conference won’t be this laid back.


* – Let the record show that Phil Jackson is still the biggest hypocrite in the history of hypocrites for marching right back to the Lakers like he never wrote an entire f*cking book on the “uncoachable” Kobe Bryant.

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