Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi Star In An Unbelievably Unrealistic Airline Commercial

12.24.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

It’s hard to imagine what Turkish Airlines tried to accomplish when the company recently featured athletic demigods Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi in a recent advertisement. Watch the spot below and mull this over for a second: if you were a ten-year-old, English-as-a-second language kid and you spotted both Bryant and Messi vying for your attention in–what looks like–business class (as IF!), would you want A.) some sort of intricate balloon creature from Messi or B.) the chance to watch Bryant fumble for your attention with a house of cards?

Messi and Bryant attempt both in the clip–while doing sporty things, of course–but could the airline have chosen two more dickish sports personalities to inevitably be rebuffed for ice cream? Forgive Turkish Air for not living in Lakers-land or reading Wright Thompson’s extraordinary attempt to “profile” Messi for ESPN. However, in what advertising fiction could you even swing either for being that benevolent–it’s common knowledge that Kobe would be battling for arm space with whatever fatso sat next to him and Messi would be holed up in a row by himself, curling his body away from any sort of human presence and nuzzling ten soccer balls.

So good call on the sundae there, kid. Not all trans-continental flights can be Disneyland–even in Turkish Airlines World.

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