PoV: The Black Mamba & The Big Dipper

03.31.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Last night in Sacramento, Kobe Bryant shot his way past Wilt Chamberlain for fourth all-time on the NBA’s scoring rankings in what proved to be an extremely important 103-98 Lakers victory. With 31,434 points to his Hall of Fame resume, Bean now stands 858 points away from Michael Jordan for third; a figure he should undoubtedly pass sometime around Christmas.

From there, things get murky as he’ll be more than 4,000 points away from Karl Malone for second – in other words, at the very least, two more seasons averaging north of 25+ a night. Above anything else, however, respect due to Kobe for the historic achievement. He’s been scoring and pissing people off for three decades now.

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