Kurupt – “Caviar & Champagne” Video

05.22.13 4 years ago

A lot of rap videos function as pseudo commercials for various vices and products, but few are as direct about it as Kurupt in “Caviar & Champagne.” Featuring Dr. Zodiak and King Lil G, the video is little more than an advertisement for a particular strain of medicinal weed that our under the weather California friends can purchase from one of the many dispensaries that pepper that fog covered west coast climate.

The song itself is a lively affair, driven by warm horns, and guitar licks. Kurupt stands out, as his lyrical prowess is simply on a different level from his seemingly novice co-stars. While you were smoking, Kurupt also dropped a new mixtape, Money Bitches Power this month. Check it out before you roll up the next one.

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