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Wendi Handley

Kwame Kilpatrick’s 14 Most Scandalous Moments [Black Enterprise]

Keri Hilson: Sex Sells, But I’m No Sell Out [Black Voices]

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Film Geek [TUD]

Has Dr. Dre Ruined His “Detox” Buzz? [TheLoop21]

Kim Kardashian Hates Genocide, Kobe Bryant [With Leather]

Phil Jackson Not Happy About Playing On Christmas Day [Extra Mustard]

50 Gave Chelsea Herpes? [D-Listed]

11 Pieces of Best Worst Advice for Celebrities [Funny Or Die]

20 License Plates To Die For [Simply Plates]

The 15 Sweetest Nerf Toys Of All-Time [Coed]

Are Spider-Man Accidents Actually Brilliant Marketing Ploy? [Gothamist]

Ten Message-Sending Gifts for 2010 [XXL]

Jamie Foxx on Late Show with David Letterman [Miss Info]

Teen Buys $750,000 Worth Of His Own Music With Stolen Credit Cards [HHW]

The 25 Best Smartphones of 2010 [Complex]

6 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays When You’re Broke or Unemployed [BV Money]

Nike Free Zilla TR LAF Livestrong [Counter Kicks]

2010’s 11 Dopest Hip-Hop Videos [Dollars Make Sense]

RIAA Lobbying Expenses Hit $1.6 Million Last Summer [Digital Music News]

Nike On Track For A $20 Billion Year [Oregon Business]

The Future of Hulu [Technologizer]

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