Kyrie Irving’s Game-Winning Drive Sinks Celtics

01.30.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

We’re around the first quarter mark of the 2012 NBA season, and it’s been difficult to ignore the hype surrounding Kyrie Irving. His stellar play continued Sunday night, as he made a game-winning layup against the Boston Celtics to give the Cavs an 88-87 victory. In all, the rookie tallied 23 points (eight in the fourth quarter), at a robotically efficient rate of 10-14 shooting from the field.

Those are big man numbers. I’m sorry, but point guards – 19-year-olds, no less – aren’t supposed to shoot at such a high rate. For the season, Irving is putting up 17.4 points per contest (in only 29 minutes per game), and he’s doing it to the tune of a .504 field goal percentage (to go along with .404 from three and .812 from the line). If we’re all comfortable with comparing him to a young Chris Paul, CP3 has shot better than .500 from the floor only once in his career. Now, Kyrie is bound to hit a rookie wall sooner or later – it happens to every player. But this NBA transition has been seamless. One of the biggest knocks against him coming out of Duke was the uncertainty factor; no one had a great read on the guy. It’s starting to look like his best will shatter the ceiling scouts granted him.

Now, all we need is a clever nickname. On the spot, the best I can come up with is Crocodile Kyrie, but as Charles Barkley would say, “that’s turrible, Kenny.”

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