L.E.P. Bogus Boys – “FTW” Video

05.23.11 7 years ago

Hustlers, ballers, gangstas and thugstas take heed. If rap don’t work, the Bogus Boys will be back on their Chicago bullshit, outfitting the hood in the freshest fabrics and extorting NBA players to meet their demands. Don’t Feed Da Killaz is still making its rounds in all Hip-Hop discussions of merit so this music thing is doing alright for Count and Moonie. But those pesky animal instincts are hard to suppress when they have become second nature.

The Bogus Boys and Bobby Simmons have a common goal in mind or so it seems. When you’re doing it for the ‘Wind, to win it all, signals may get crossed. Chase N. Cashe, GLC and YP27 are all witnesses on the sideline and you will be too, as soon as you push play.

Bonus: Remember that earlier talking of “outfitting the hood” and what not? Well, yeah. L.E.P.’s clothing line is in full effect. Head to their online store so you can dress like a ‘G.

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