L. Veezy’s Comin’ Thru Comin’ Thru!

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Since the last post about overpriced/expensive sneakers by Kanye got you all riled up in a tizzy, I expect this one to have the same dramatic effect. With a collabo between LV and the Louis Vuitton Don*, we can surely expect the price tag on these skippies to be exorbitant.

I know I’m among the minority but I see nothing wrong with paying several hundred dollars for a shoe. Nada.

Mind you, the rest of my outfit might consist of a New Era, some Levi’s and a white tee fresh out the Fruit Of The Loom bag (fuck tags, I’m poppin plastic bags!). As well, I’ll prolly have to stack & save, rob Peter to pay Paul and some extra shit. Whatever though, I’ll do it because sneakers are my consummate passion. My material weakness. To an enthusiast such as myself or a trendy fashionista, that cost must be paid in order to be the boss.

None of this is to say I’ll be buying the Yeezy’s or the L.Veezy’s.

At this time, I try to be wiser with my frivolous spending. If I go over a certain dollar limit, it’s usually for a hard bottom or a pair of loafers that I can get longer wear out of. If it’s a sneaker, it generally has some nostalgic reasoning or the “thrill of the hunt” attached to it.

Currently, the glimpses of neither these nor the upcoming Nike have really tickled my fancy. They both seem to ascribe to the “straps & crap” makeup that I think muddles many a shoe’s silhouette. And even though the shoes haven’t been hit as hard as other brands, bootlegger’s have put a dent in LV’s allure as a whole.

But at least Kanye’s an invited guest in the LV store & not there disrespecting rap by engaging in high school brawls & other antics like some other rappers.

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*Overly monogrammed pashmina & white pants may/may not be included.

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