10 Shamelessly Begging Songs The Lakers Should Play Outside of Dwight Howard’s House #StayD12

07.01.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

#StayD12 has become the saddest hashtag since #AskDraya and the whole Lakers circus just gets more depressing by the day. Things got really bad as Magic Johnson joined the circus by tweeting at Dwight to stay and reports are surfacing that Jack Nicholson himself gave Howard a call. That’s a lot of attention for a center with no post moves or rings. But whatevs.

The Lakers are in full-on beg mode. So to help them try to woo their forlorn big man, we’re suggesting these songs for them to play outside of his window. But seriously, this will only end up like those scenes where the Lakers will knock on his door and Howard will be like “I wish you would have called” before opening the door wider to reveal a living room full of Houston strippers and Slim Thug albums, sending the Lakers home crying while a Fray songs plays in the background.

Did Tyler Perry teach them nothing?

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1. Lenny Williams – “Cause I Love You”

2. John Legend – “I Can Change”

3. Luther Vandross – “House Is Not A Home”

4. Keith Sweat – “Nobody”

5. En Vogue – “Don’t Let Go (Love)”

6. Blackstreet – “Don’t Leave Me”

7. Tank – “Please Don’t Go”

8. Corinne Bailey Rae – “Call Me When You Get This”

9. Sisqo – “Incomplete”

10. Ne-Yo – “Stay With Me”

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