Lakers Vs. Rockets & Celtics Vs. Magic, Game 7

05.17.09 9 years ago 54 Comments

Last year’s two Final’s squad both facing elimination in Game 7’s?

Outmatched perhaps in skilled personnel but not will, the Rockets have effectively smacked the bully and found out he’s not as tough as everyone supposed. This year was destined to be the Finals matchup between the two soloists: Kobe & LeBron. At this point, Houston has put the kibosh on that, instead leading us toward what will probably be the better matchup for now and for the future of the game: Bron Bron & Melo.

The Rockets have also exposed what we knew about the Lakers; they’re not a complete team. A coldhearted, clutch three point shooter. A faster PG who can play both sides of the ball with tenacity. A dosage of competitive toughness for Gasol & Bynum. But that can’t happen until next season, so Laker fans must hope that the squad can hold together long & strong enough to finish Stern’s Manifest Destiny for this season.

On the Eastern Conference side, it’s fairly simple. If the Magic can get a lead and both they & Coach Van Gundy managed not to blow it under pressure in the fourth, it’s their series to win. Realistically, they have nothing to lose. If the Magic lose, everyone will pat them on the back for their efforts. If they manage to pull out a win, the C’s will be questioned heavily over the off season.

Lovely way to spend a Sunday. Let’s see where it goes from here. Feel free to predict & pop your shit (pause) in the comments.

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